Aligning Social Duties with Business Goals

Sounds Great to be Real Too?


Companies around the globe are consistently attempting to make a good effect on society by performing a selection of C orporate S ocial R esponsibility routines. Such efforts become a lot more sustainable when CSR will get integrated having an organization’s key company goals producing a real Win-Gain ! At Cisco, “Offering back to society” is definitely at the primary of how we conduct business. This became a lot more relevant inside our current scenario in which a worldwide pandemic has already been an unprecedented catalyst for modification in the manner people learn, play and work. At Dark Belt Academy, we make an effort to take forwards Cisco’s CSR spirit and mix a few of our key business attempts/targets with causes that assistance society.

A pal in need is really a friend certainly


When the majority of the ASEAN was facing the initial wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic, nations went into full lockdown and hospitals determined they needed a lot more PPE kits to safeguard their health workers.

Our Philippines-based Distribution Companion Account Supervisor Kay Lenz Zapanta made a decision to respond, and in colaboration with essential Cisco distributors Ardent Networks, VST and comstor ECS, created an idea for conducting virtual Dark Belt sessions for the partners.

AS SOON AS – VST ECS group donating 300+ PPE to the Pasig City Common medical center, Metro Manila Philippines


The ask was simple but innovative: Complete the coveted Dark Belt Sales Expert badge and for each partner that registered and attended the session, VST ECS would donate 1 PPE kit to the neighborhood hospital. Along with PPE kits there have been Ration kits for Product sales and distribution Professional jackets for certified people.


THE RESULTS – Stronger Jointly!

The response from the partner community was phenomenal, and inside a short time of time a lot more than 300 individuals achieved the Sales Specialist badge and ensured the Philippines grabbed the very best spot globally by acquiring the highest amount of Black Belt Sales Professional certificates in those days.

Because of the joint initiatives of Distributors, DPSEs and the Cisco Philippines group, we could actually not merely live Cisco’s CSR values and present back throughout a right period of need, but we were also in a position to connect and offer training to over 300 new Sales Experts.

At Dark Belt Academy , we have been determined to unlock synergies with an increase of initiatives such as this one. Stay Tuned!

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