Accelerating the Partner Trip with DevNet Specialization

This blog page is part two of a two-part collection concerning the DevNet Specialization, and the trip Cisco partners try obtain new technical abilities and how they’re used. Check out this Cisco Champions Radio podcast for more information about the DevNet Specialization.

Gain skills in software program programmability and automation to your company

DevNet Specialization is a system we launched in Might 2020 during Cisco Live US. The program recognizes Cisco companions which have demonstrated technical features and business procedures around software program programmability and automation on Cisco services and products.

Inside part 1 of the series, we discussed how the DevNet Specialization plan allows partners the opportunity to truly differentiate themselves – creating new offerings with their very own intellectual property. We also featured two companion journeys through the eye of a DevNet software program exercise, and discussed how companions who focus on DevNet abilities can enable and develop all areas of these business.

Show customers a route to digital transformation

DevNet programmability and automation concepts may transform partner pre-sales and post-sales activities. More, these concepts could be leveraged by everyone in your group. Paul Giblin, from our DevNet Specific partner Presidio, is a superb exemplory case of this. Paul is really a DevNet Creator, a Cisco Champion and a regular participant on the Cisco Champions Radio podcasts. Paul works being an enterprise architect in Presidio’s pre-sales exercise.

This means Paul is not formally section of a software program automation team, however he’s a vocal advocate for Cisco DevNet. He has discovered that having these abilities enables him to up-level conversations with clients. Showing the art of the achievable for technology and process integrations, not really legacy service delivery simply.

Like quite a few DevNet community, Paul didn’t attempt to be considered a programmer. Some earlier web development, video gaming, and tinkering was his entry stage – leveraging his curiosity to figure out how items worked.

Like a network engineer, this individual experimented with basic automation – extracting construction variables from spreadsheets and pasting those into products. He came to recognize that configuring network gadgets via CLI is really a form of development and appeared to DevNet to understand ways to switch one-off scripting into even more wholistic script automation.

Paul believes that “DevNet may be the bridge” which allows him showing customers a path to digital transformation. The pace of technologies change can be overpowering for the customers. Having these DevNet abilities and capabilities allows providers to be delivered with the agility essential to match a customer’s special requirements. DevNet will help you innovate, while ensuring the predictability, rate, and accuracy customers requirement.

Thank you, Paul. We completely agree. With the entire year 2020 about to near, we encourage one to earn a DevNet Qualification and become an associate of the Course of 2020. Make use of those abilities to begin your personal automation journey. If you’re thinking about using those abilities to create solutions and will be offering for the customers, we encourage one to sign up for the DevNet Specialization for companions.

How is your corporation innovating with DevNet?

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