A Successful Security System Requires the Strongest Companion Ecosystem


What’s in a genuine name? With regards to the word ‘security platform,’ a lot quite, heading by its overuse in the market. This moniker is significantly being deployed available on the market to describe varying forms of options. We maintain that to ensure that an providing to be known as a security system, it must meet up with the following criteria:

    1. Comprehensive insurance: A platform provides visibility and builds performance across the broadest group of control points, not just a small cross-section of one’s security environment.


    1. Integrated procedures: You need to have the ability to do a lot more than notice a issue. You must have the ability to detect, prevent, and remediate it, which means all your tools are employed within the platform encounter.


    1. Open up architecture: A platform that’s proprietary is half effective if you are departing out control factors, threat intelligence sources, along with other critical equipment that don’t integrate.



I covered the initial two points within a previous write-up , where I organized certain requirements for a protection platform. For instance, integrating a few controls will not qualify just. In this post, I will focus on the final point, which is that to work truly, a security platform should be open.

A highly effective security platform should be open up 


With the extreme amount of threats lurking online, and the explosion of different apps and devices used by today’s workforce, it requires teamwork to help keep corporate networks secure. While Cisco supplies the broadest group of security technology that addresses the widest swath of risk vectors and access factors, our promise to clients is that people shall integrate with complementary systems and their legacy investments. They should be in a position to glean worth from all their security spending but still benefit from a built-in platform experience.

Furthermore, in lighting of developments such as for example remote functioning and digital transformation , it’s become imperative that security technology and teams usually do not work within a silo. Not merely do security tools need to work with each other to adequately defend today’s networks, however they must also use other systems in the IT and networking realms to foster the degrees of automation and collaboration essential to effectively and effectively fight evolving threats. Or else, threats slide through gaps in protection, get dropped amidst conflicting alerts, or security groups simply don’t possess resources to cope with them even though they’re identified enough.

The full times of the primacy of the idea solution are over. Inside our Cisco 2021 Security Outcomes Research , it was discovered that well-integrated technologies was probably the most critical indicators influencing security program achievement. Which technologies you have set up regardless, and what you intend to acquire later on, there must end up being a method to tie everything together if you’re likely to stay a action ahead of attackers. Put another real way, to be “greatest of breed,” something has to add a platform experience.

Relating this to your consumer lives, when has been the last time you purchased a smartphone or physical fitness tracker without expecting the platform upon the backend to assist you sync data, gather key metrics, and reveal media? 12 months that’s why whenever we released our Cisco SecureX system last, our intent had been always for this to most probably and integrate a thorough range of features to create a platform encounter to all products, not our own just.

Cisco SecureX: A refresher

Cisco SecureX is really a cloud-native, integrated system that connects the complete Cisco security portfolio in addition to many additional safety, IT, and networking technology from both Cisco and 3rd parties. The target is to simplify protection with a single console. To diminish the manual steps essential for detecting substantially, investigating, and remediating attacks. To streamline functions and conserve resources. Also to enable individual solutions and groups to interact for more powerful defenses traditionally.


“We’ve a small group, and [SecureX] assists us know very well what attacks are arriving at us, and analyze and remediate quickly efficiently.… This is a very efficient threat management tool, user friendly, and is quite detailed to get any threats, prevent the incoming supply, and remediate all contaminated gadgets.”


– Glenn McConnell, IT Director for Eagle Copters



SecureX provides unified control and visibility across your entire infrastructure – network, cloud, endpoints, and apps – reducing the dilemma and complexity linked to the use of a large number of point products. In short, we provide everything together to raised assist you to do security. And by everything, we don’t suggest our very own products just, although they are an integral little bit of the puzzle certainly.

Just how do we do that?

Just how do we provide everything together in a manner that will be seamless and efficient?

You can expect pre-built integrations, an open up architecture, and an expansive companion ecosystem to assist you connect as a lot of one’s security infrastructure as you possibly can. We use everyone from the largest names inside it to the niche, expert providers, including quite a few competitors. We companion with over 200 companies to help with making security as simple once we can for the customers. In a nutshell, we head to great lengths to ensure it is possible to maximize your current infrastructure while innovating for future years. Our SecureX integrations period two main focus locations: threat reaction and orchestration.

SecureX danger reaction integrations


Our SecureX threat reaction partnerships and integrations assist you to aggregate, analyze, and react to threat cleverness and data from several resources in a cohesive method. These integrations add a wide variety of security technologies – for instance, email safety, firewall, and SIEM/SOAR, merely to name several – along with threat cleverness feeds from key gamers such as our very own Cisco Talos, plus Search engines, Microsoft, IBM, and more.

SecureX orchestration integrations

SecureX orchestration integrations permit you to build automatic workflows for coping with typical threats and routine protection activities like risk hunting. Our orchestration integrations pull from both Cisco safety capabilities along with other security also it solutions this kind of as our very own Webex, plus those from Microsoft, ServiceNow, Slack, and much more. These automatic workflows will help you decrease repetitive jobs and save essential working hours for the team.


For a far more in-depth appearance at our numerous kinds of integrations, start to see the recent document from ESG:


Integrating the Stack with Cisco SecureX



Do you know the great things about these integrations and partnerships?


To accomplish security right these complete days, it requires vast levels of coordination. Coordination that the normal security team doesn’t have the resources to accomplish manually. Actually, 82% of clients mentioned the ability to link Cisco SecureX with third-party tools is essential in their mind. And in a latest poll performed by Cisco, greater than a 3rd of respondents said these were spending 40+ hrs to integrate several security products.

Our robust group of integrations allows security groups to:

    • Rapidly analyze large models of disparate information and threat cleverness to obtain a clearer image of what’s heading on within their environment. (Along with share cleverness from SecureX with third-party techniques.)


    • Use different technologies to detect collectively, investigate, and orchestrate a coordinated reaction to any possible threats across multiple entry and vectors points.


    • Automate typical security duties for a far more streamlined method of SecOps (and also several NetOps and ITOps features).


decrease the period spent integrating disjointed stage solutions

  • Dramatically.

Our integrations and partnerships allow you to leverage the strongest & most capable security options you have available – whether from Cisco or even others – and make sure they are even better by permitting them to become a collaborative program. And because SecureX will be cloud-based, open up, and scalable, it is possible to incorporate new capabilities in to the platform as your preferences evolve easily.


Finally, why are we have now discussing this?

This week at our virtual Cisco Live conference , we’re taking our open up partnership and platform method of the next level. We’re showcasing brand new, automatic workflows for combating provide chain attacks, phishing, and much more. And we will shortly create third-party integrations even simpler through turnkey configurations for partner systems such as for example Google, ServiceNow, Splunk, among others. SecureX customers will be in a position to configure these third-celebration integrations exactly the same way they might Cisco integrations, without needing to deploy new program code in their environments.

These advancements assistance our general mission of providing clients with simplified security, extensive protection, and always-upon security intelligence – which are impossible to deliver lacking any open architecture and solid relationships over the tech industry.



Find out more about Cisco SecureX and our open system.





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