A sanity-saving typing technique for Gboard on Android

I’m loved by myself some Gboard. Google’s virtual key pad is fast, precise, and filled up with genuinely helpful functions for hassle-free of charge tappin’ and swipin’ from just about any Android phone.

But, well, let’s encounter it: Everyone’s typing requirements are a little little bit different. Some people make use of tildes with abandon, while some search for that blasted buried percent symbol embarrassingly often nearly. And don’t actually get me began on my much loved em dash and how tough it would be to draw up whilst pushing your appendages on your mobile apparatus. (You understand the symbol After all – right?)

Try as it may, there’s just no chance Gboard could be everything for everyone. The keyboard is made to put the most frequent characters front and middle understandably, but also for us freaks who experience a frequent have to insert brackets into our cellular musings (a habit that, when i prefer to put it, will be “pretentious but [furthermore] pleasurable”), the symbols we have been in need of tend to be multiple steps apart and just somewhat too hard to track down.

Properly, my fellow quirky-character-lovin’ weirdo, lemme inform ya: It doesn’t possess to be so difficult. You’d in no way know it, but Gboard includes a super-smart system to make any personality – or term or word, – easily available on demand even, you need it anytime. You arrange it to take care of the stuff you will need once, you’ll never need to hunt around or waste materials another second looking for or pecking out anything you require.

Actually, Gboard actually has 2 spectacular systems when planning on taking care of one’s custom text needs, no matter what type of freakish things you want to type on your Google android device (an equals indication? The cent symbol? The trademark superscript?! You maniac!), it could keep your preferred expressions readily available and an easy task to summon anytime.

So get your metaphorical wizard wand, move install Gboard , in the event that you haven’t currently, and let’s grant your telephone an extremely personalized Android typing upgrade.

Gboard textual content summoning trick No. 1: Replacement miracle


    • Suitable for: symbols, special characters, titles, and short items of information


    • Time and energy to setup: 90 mere seconds



Our first technique is perfect for those unusual punctuation requirements we just mentioned along with any uncommonly spelled brands you’re typing with regularity (here’s lookin’ at you, Aunt Beverlee). It could be ideal for pulling up something similar to a telephone number also, an deal with, or any such item you wind up inputting from your own phone a good amount.

It depends on Gboard’s private dictionary system, however the method we’re gonna utilize it isn’t exactly conventional. Rather than simply putting in textual content corrections , y’see, we’re gonna repurpose the machine to established up your personal custom group of specialized macros for the Android input adventures.

And it’s really easy as is usually to do:

    1. Draw up the Gboard key pad by tapping on any textual content field anyplace on your own phone (a blank e-mail, note, document, search industry, whatever).


    1. Tap the three-dot icon toward the proper of the keyboard’s best row. Unless you note that icon, tap the arrow at the still left of that best row to reveal it.


    1. Tap the “Settings” choice in the set of choices that arises.


    1. Tap “Dictionary” accompanied by “Private dictionary” and “All languages.”


    1. Tap the plus icon in the top-right part of the display.



Now comes the enjoyable part: Consider what text you need to make more easily available, whether it’s symbolic like or  ; a bit of uncommon punctuation just like the em dash, tilde, or bracket; or perhaps a certain phrase or phrase you’re typing out all too often.

Whatever it really is your dorky heart desires, type it in to the top field on the display screen that comes up. After that tap your finger onto the industry beneath that and enter a shortcut that you will keep in mind for pulling your product up – probably the letters tm for the trademark symbol, for example, or two hyphens ( ) for that lustworthy em dash of mine. Provided that it’s brief, an easy task to type, and simple so that you can remember, it’ll complete the job.

Gboard Android text substitution setup JR


(If you’re achieving this with a personality that isn’t on Gboard at all, by the true way – just like the em dash! – go think it is on a website, in an email, or in the document and duplicate it and paste this more than into that top industry then.)

First got it? Good. Now, back again your way out of this menu and draw up Gboard once again from anyplace on your phone. Enter the shortcut you developed, and holy Googley goodness, wouldya appearance at what happens?

Gboard Android text substitution demo JR


Right for the reason that center place of Gboard’s recommendation strip is the textual content you saved for basic summoning! From on now, you want to kind that anytime, all you’ve gotta do will be tap in your shortcut and hit the suggestion for the reason that center area.

You could also make your shortcuts single characters for maximum performance – p for the percent symbol, c for a checkmark, an individual hyphen ( ) for an em dash, the pound sign ( # ) for the phone number, and so forth – and then if you aren’t searching for your shortcut once you type that character, you’ll just disregard the summoned center suggestion and keep typing. As as you strike another letter soon, the specialized recommendation shall vanish, as well as your normal suggestions shall come back in its place.

Gboard Android text substitution demo JR


Plenty of typing intelligence gained – simply no harm done. Gotta think it’s great.

Gboard textual content summoning trick No. 2: Clipboard craftiness


    • Suitable for: lengthier phrases and items of info


    • Time and energy to create: 60 secs



The second trick inside our sanity-saving Gboard satchel enables you to see saved segments of info in a far more visual menu and tap on whatever item you wish to insert it. It is a little much less speedy compared to the simple substitution technique – since you need to cease what you’re carrying out and pull up your menus of saved-phrase options – but also for longer and much more complicated phrases you’re tapping out often, it’s rather a super-smart time-saver.

The trick here resides in Gboard’s easily overlooked clipboard function. To start out, you need to ensure that your Gboard clipboard will be activated:

    1. Once again, open up Gboard simply by tapping in virtually any blank text field on your own phone anywhere.


    1. Choose a clipboard icon in Gboard’s top row. If you start to see the clipboard icon, pat yourself on the relative back again, get yourself a fizzy beverage (peach-flavored, ideally), and miss the next step.


    1. No clipboard icon? Tap the three-dot menus icon within that exact same top row, search for “Clipboard” in the group of options that arises, after that press it and drag it right into a more prominent place within that top row upward.


    1. Tap the clipboard icon, tap the toggle to activate the Gboard clipboard then, if it is not already active.



Gboard Android clipboard activate JR


All that’s left would be to add whatever info you would like to keep on demand. Out of this same menu, it is possible to tap the pencil icon in the keyboard’s upper-right corner and tap the plus icon that arises from then on – then just enter whatever it is you’re typing often (a stock-like reaction to incoming emails, a standard status update you submit Slack, a typical lunch request, etc):

Gboard Android clipboard save JR


And that’s it: As soon as you hit that “Save” order, your item will undoubtedly be pinned to the Gboard clipboard automatically. And you can after that draw it up anytime by just tapping that exact same clipboard icon in the keyboard’s best row and tapping your item to put in it into whatever textual content industry you’re typing into at that time.

Gboard Android text substitution demo JR


You can even add stuff into that pinned section by copying the written text from anywhere on your own phone – a website, a document, a contact, or wherever – and checking the Gboard clipboard section then, finding your copied textual content there, and long-pressing it to discover the “Pin” option.

Gboard Android text substitution demo JR


Not bad, right? Maintain this newfound knowledge front and middle in your noggin simply, and you will be tappin’ out a variety of titillating text without the of the most common effort.

For more time-preserving Gboard sorcery even, have a look at this 12-part guideline – and become sure to join up for my Android Intelligence newsletter to obtain a variety of awesome Googley information directly from me personally in your inbox every Friday.

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