A Comprehensive Guide to Salesforce Backup Solutions

If you were to approach one of the hundreds of thousands of people who use Salesforce daily and ask them the last time they backed up their data, they would probably have no idea. Why would it be their concern? After all, doesn’t Salesforce back up data for you?

Yes and no. Salesforce provides some tools to help with backup, but they are rudimentary and don’t give you the protection you need. Backing up your Salesforce data and metadata is a shared responsibility.

Veeam can provide the solution you need. Install Veeam’s Backup for Salesforce to protect against any problems that might occur when using Salesforce data and quickly restore any corrupted data so your organization is back up and running in minutes.

Why you Need a Salesforce Backup Solution

According to a survey of organizations using Salesforce, only 24% believe they can restore their Salesforce data after a bad import. Also, 81% of IT experts worry about human-error-related Salesforce data loss. Below are a few reasons you need a backup solution for Salesforce.

  • Human error. Even if your team members have extensive experience using Salesforce, there is always the temptation of trying to change or upload data too quickly and making a mistake.
  • Integration error. Many Salesforce options are frequently updated. If you’re not careful, it’s easy for your data to be corrupted and overwritten, eliminating important data without you knowing it’s happening.
  • Power outages and natural disasters. Local power outages and natural disasters can endanger your data. If your data is not backed up, getting your business up and running again can take a long time.
  • Accidental data corruption. Mistakes such as accidentally overwriting important data or deleting data that the administrator may have mistakenly thought was redundant or unnecessary can easily happen.
  • Malicious data corruption. A disgruntled employee or an employee about to join a competitor can easily eliminate essential customer data with just a few clicks.
  • Compliance and regulatory considerations. If your company needs to regularly report to a local, state or federal agency, you want to give them clean data. If there are errors in your data, your company could end up in trouble with regulators.

How to Back Up Salesforce Data

The answer for most organizations is a third-party solution, like Veeam, offering organizations granular recovery options of Salesforce records, hierarchys, fields, files and metadata.

Another critical element third-party vendors offer is automated backup processes whose backup frequencies can be set to what works best for the business. Organizations large or small must have a backup strategy in place to avoid the loss of valuable data and metadata. Determining the right backup frequency is key to effectively using tools like Veeam.

Key Considerations for Salesforce Backup Solutions

When looking at Salesforce backup solutions, there are several important factors to consider.

Granularity and Selective Data Restoration

The ability to zero in on a specific Salesforce record or records is also critical in an emergency. Granularity and selective data restoration help your business quickly restore regular operations after an incident by restoring key files first.

Integration with Other Systems and Applications

Most Salesforce instances use a variety of third-party apps that improve the way your business operates, but these apps can also cause problems. Every app will have one or more updates at some point, and those updates may not always sync. Even small issues can wreak havoc on your data and having a backup in place is essential.

Security and encryption measures for safeguarding data

Many organizations, especially in the Financial sector, rely on encryption as part of their backup strategy, as they deal with sensitive data such as Social Security numbers. Since encryption encodes information, it makes your information extremely difficult to access and read. Encryption also helps businesses comply with regulatory requirements.

What to Look for in Salesforce Backup Solutions

When you’re looking for the best Salesforce backup solution for your business, these are crucial elements you need to consider.

Scheduled Backups

Determine how often you will need to schedule backups. You want a solution that offers your organization automated and scheduled backup frequencies that you determine to provide the best coverage for your organization.

Incremental Backup Capabilities

Initially, you should do a full backup of your Salesforce data and metadata. However, going forward, you may want to decide which files need to be backed up more often (important files can be backed up every 30 minutes) while other files can be set to backup daily.

User-friendly Interface and Ease of Use

You don’t want a complicated interface solution that makes it difficult for your team to back up their Salesforce data. Instead, select a solution that offers ease of use and uncomplicated installation.

Scalability to Accommodate Growing Data Volumes

Every business wants to grow. When you grow, so will your Salesforce records and data. You’ll need a solution that easily scales to accommodate your company’s aspirations without additional costs.

Support for Data and Metadata Backup

Find a solution that offers coverage for every type of data in Salesforce, including metadata. Metadata includes notes you’ve taken on clients, order history and contact information and is an invaluable part of your Salesforce records.

Set Granular Backup Schedules and Retention Settings at the Object Level

The schedules your team creates concerning how often you back up your Salesforce data will define how quickly you need to recover that data in the case of a problem or a mistake. You may want your Salesforce backup solution to save data every hour or daily. Your schedule will help you determine your most efficient recovery options and minimize any data loss.

Exploring Veeam’s Salesforce Backup Solutions

Veeam is the leading provider of data management and backup solutions for all your organization’s needs, including Salesforce backup.

The Our company offers a complete package of backup protection for your Salesforce data, including automation and scheduling, granular recovery, security and compliance, a user-friendly interface, scalability and monitoring features that allow you to follow the status of your backups.

Our tiered pricing structure can accommodate both small and large businesses. Promotional pricing, available to current customers, for 1,001 or more users is $25,000 a year, 301 to 1,000 users is $10,000 and 151 to 300 users is $5,000. Volume pricing is also available, with 1,001 to 2,500 users at $2.60 per user, 301 to 1,002 users at $2.80 per user and 151 to 300 users at $3 per user.

Benefits of Using Veeam for Salesforce Backup

When you use Veeam as your backup solution for your Salesforce data, you’re selecting an industry leading product offering numerous benefits, including:

  • High-level data protection and reliability. Veeam provides full or incremental backups that offer the best protection for your chosen data.
  • Advanced search and restore options for efficient data retrieval. Veeam can do a full restore if that’s what you need. However, its ability to do granular search and restore options means that if you only need to fix a few records, you can easily find and fix them.
  • Compliance with industry standards and regulations. Veeam complies with all industry standards and can provide you with data that meets the regulations you must follow.

How to Get Started with Veeam for Salesforce Backup

Sign up for a free trial of Veeam Backup for Salesforce to gain full functionality for 30 days and sleep better at night knowing your Salesforce data and metadata are protected!


Developing an effective backup solution for your Salesforce data can mean the difference between a blip in operations and catastrophic data loss. Take the time to make an informed decision about your backup strategy and which solution provides your company with the best protection.

Veeam, the industry leader in backup solutions for all types of software, including Salesforce, can provide you with the data protection, easy recovery and business continuity you need for peace of mind with Veeam Backup for Salesforce.

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