9 Chrome extensions that supercharge Google Drive

Google Drive is really a powerful business device in its right, when partnered with Google Docs especially, Bedding, and Slides. But several Chrome internet browser extensions can truly add more file administration features and other techniques to Google’s cloud storage space and office apps.

If you are using Google Generate through Chrome or Chrome OS regularly, consider adding the next extensions to make dealing with Search engines’s and Drive efficiency apps better and productive.

1. AwesomeDrive for Search engines Drive


If you are using Microsoft Office and shop your Office paperwork in Google Drive, AwesomeDrive is crucial. The extension is set up in Chrome once, it is possible to open an Office record from Search engines Drive and it’ll load in the Microsoft Workplace application (Excel, PowerPoint, Phrase) that’s set up on your computer.

After you modify and save the document in Office, the brand new version of it’ll be saved to Google Drive back again. Thus, AwesomeDrive will save you from needing to manually download your workplace documents from Google Generate and upload them once again after you’ve done them in Microsoft Workplace.

2. Checker Plus for Search engines Drive / 3. Drive Anyplace

Checker Plus enables you to access Search engines Generate and manage your data files without having to open your Search engines Drive home display in a Chrome tab. Clicking on the Checker Plus icon on the Chrome toolbar opens a panel that presents your documents in your Search engines Drive. It is possible to browse or seek out files here, in addition to rename or delete them.

chrome extensions gdrive checker plus ISG

With Checker Plus, it is possible to open and manage data files stored in Google Drive without launching Drive in a fresh browser tab. (Click picture to enlarge it.)

When you click on a filename, the document shall open in the correct Google office app in the new browser tab. It is possible to copy shareable web hyperlinks to files also, star items therefore they’re easy to keep an eye on, and upload documents from your own computer to Google Generate.

In addition, Checker In addition can alert you every time a document in your Google Generate has been changed (like a document that you’ve distributed to you to definitely edit). These alerts are usually delivered as notification cards that pop-up from the lower-right part of your computer’s desktop computer and from the Checker Plus icon on the Chrome toolbar.

      Drive Anyplace           is comparable to Checker Plus, but with less functions to control your files. Why would you contemplate using it? Drive enables you to download your data files through its toolbar panel Anyplace, something you can’t perform through Checker Plus.


4. OmniDrive

While Checker In addition and Drive Anywhere give a quick solution to find documents in Google Drive without needing to first open up your Drive home display screen, OmniDrive helps it be even faster with the addition of the ability to lookup your Drive files from the Chrome tackle bar (the “Omnibox” in Google lingo).

You type the term drive in to the address bar, accompanied by a space. As as you kind that space quickly, “OmniDrive” shows up at the start of the deal with bar. Now enter the filename or perhaps a word or expression in the record that you want to get in Search engines Drive and strike Enter. Your Google Generate web page opens in the internet browser window and displays the search results.

A caveat: This expansion hasn’t been up-to-date in several years, but it works still, and its code can be acquired as open resource publicly.


5. Search engines Docs Fast Create

This extension enables you to take up a new Google Drive document quickly, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, or form. Click on the Search engines Docs Fast Create icon on the Chrome toolbar, and a panel opens displaying icon shortcuts. Click someone to start the corresponding Search engines Drive office app (Search engines Docs, Bedsheets, Slides, etc.) in the new browser tab.

chrome extensions gdrive google docs quick create IDG
Creating a new record, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, or form anytime takes 2 clicks with the Search engines Docs Fast Create extension just.



6. Open up with Google Generate Viewer

This extension could be convenient for viewing documents along with other files that are on the internet without needing to download them first. By right-clicking the net link to the record and choosing Open with Google Generate Viewer from the pane that opens, the extension shall load the linked document in the correct Google office app. (You may want to reload the internet browser tab to find the document to seem, especially if it’s a .ppt document.)

Supported files are the Microsoft Office formats (.doc/.docx, .ppt/.pptx, .xls/.xlsx) and also .txt and .zip data files, PDFs, and more.


7. Workplace Editing for Docs, Linens & Slides

Google’s Workplace Editing for Docs, Bedding & Slides extension pays to if you use Microsoft Office documents often but would rather use Google’s Docs, Bedsheets, and Slides apps.

Once you drag and fall a expressed word, Excel, or PowerPoint file that’s stored on your pc onto a Chrome browser window, it’ll automatically load within the correct Google office app so that you can view and edit – therefore a .doc/.docx document shall open in Search engines Docs, .xls/.xlsx in Search engines Linens, and .ppt/.pptx within Google Slides.

chrome extensions gdrive office editing IDG
Drag and fall Office-formatted files onto Chrome just, and they’ll open for modifying within Docs, Sheets, or Slides. (Click picture to enlarge it.)


You may also open up a Microsoft Office record in the appropriate Google workplace app by pushing Ctrl-O during Chrome and selecting the record on your computer.

True, for days gone by year or two Docs, Bedding, and Slides have already been in a position to edit Office-formatted files natively, but only when you upload them to Google Drive very first. This extension enables you to open an Office-formatted document on your pc directly from Chrome.

Note: In Chrome Operating system, this expansion is installed automagically.


8. Conserve Emails to Search engines Drive

CloudHQ’s Save Emails to Google Generate extension works together with your Gmail and Search engines Drive accounts together. It converts a contact in your Gmail accounts to PDF shops and format it within your Google Drive. This could be useful for those who have company or lawful correspondence that needs to be archived as PDFs for simple printing or posting with others.

To get this done, open an email information in Gmail. Click on the “Save to” key on the toolbar above your e-mail and choose “Conserve to Google Generate” from the drop-down pane. You’ll be proven a home window listing the folders in your Search engines Drive; choose the one where you intend to conserve the PDF of the information, alongside any file accessories it has.

This extension works from the house screen of one’s Gmail user account also. Select a number of emails from right here and click on the “Download as PDF” icon on the toolbar above the e-mail subject headings. A drop-down pane shall enable you to save all the email messages you selected as individual PDFs, merge them into one PDF together, or save just the accessories to these email messages. The PDFs developed, and any accessories in these email messages, will be preserved to a folder that you select in Google Drive.

CloudHQ uses its server to accomplish this trick. (Start to see the company’s safety and personal privacy policies.monthly for free ) It is possible to convert and conserve to 50 of one’s Gmail messages. You’ll need to purchase a Superior plan at $15 monthly to convert and save an limitless number of emails.


9. Conserve to Search engines Drive

Another useful Chrome expansion from the Google Generate developers here’s. With Conserve to Search engines Drive , it is possible to stow products that you find in your online browsing, such as for example documents, images, and mass media, directly within Google Drive without initial needing to download them. For illustration, in order to save a graphic you notice in the internet browser window, right-click on it and click Conserve Image to Google Generate from the pane that opens.

chrome extensions gdrive save to google drive IDG
Save to Search engines Drive enables you to save documents, pictures, media, and webpages to your Search engines Drive with several clicks.


Save to Search engines Drive provides its icon to the Chrome toolbar furthermore; when clicked, it’ll screen-capture the net page in the presently active internet browser tab and upload this picture to your Search engines Drive. It could be set to get this done in another of five methods: as a display get of the page’s whole design, as a display screen grab of the portion of the web page that’s noticeable in the browser screen, because the page’s HTML supply file, being an MHT internet archive document, or as a record that you could edit in Search engines Docs.

in January 2018 and updated in-may 2021 This short article was originally published.

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