20 Android tips you shouldn’t miss from 2020

Ah, the holidays. Regardless of what design of winter celebration you like (I’m a Festivus guy myself), december is really a fine period for kicking back again and regrouping for the year ahead late.

That means it is also a fine period for contemplating that insane little personal computer in your wallet and the actions you can take to make it a lot more powerful – because do you know what? A couple of minutes of tuning up can make your daily life infinitely easier throughout most of 2021 now. Think about it as something special to yourself – one which keeps on providing and, on top of that, doesn’t cost you an individual dime.

In the event you missed some of ’em the initial go-round or possibly just didn’t have enough time to try everything away, here are a few of the best productivity-boosting Google android tips from Android Cleverness columns and other related articles in 2020. Pour yourself some cocoa, polish up the ol’ Festivus pole, and present yourself the present of finely tuned technologies.

Android-optimizing advice

Android’s secret voice control superpowers

Take your hands-free efficiency to another level with this particular out-of-the-way system for superior Google android text editing and gadget control.

10 hidden tricks to make probably the most of Android gestures

Ready to bypass your phone faster than ever before? These easy-to-skip shortcuts for Android’s gesture program will provide you with just the energy you need.

7 smart adjustments to create Android 11 more efficient

If your phone’s gotten the Android 11 update, take notice: Not everything concerning the software program is fully optimized from the box.

How to include practically anything in to the Android 11 power menu

A standout Android 11 feature could be made a lot more valuable – once you learn the trick to unlocking its complete potential.

Privacy and protection boosters

11 Android settings that’ll strengthen your security

Android’s own native safety choices aren’t always obvious, but they’re absolutely really worth your while to embrace and understand.

A phenomenal Android privacy feature you almost certainly forget to use

This underappreciated Android gem can protect your privacy and make your phone a lot more secure – so come dust it off and utilize it!

How to obtain among iOS’s best new privacy features on Android

With an individual minute of setup, it is possible to give your Android phone another extra dash of personal privacy protection (no one even has to understand the idea originated from Apple).

The ultimate guide to privacy on Android

A thorough, start-to-finish guideline on taking back again control and determining how information can be used on your own Android phone exactly.

10 steps to smarter Google account security

And from the broader viewpoint, some step-by-step directions to offering yourself added reassurance giving your Google accounts a thorough group of security reinforcements.

Efficiency enhancers

16 time-saving Android shortcuts

These easy-to-learn Android shortcuts shall provide an instantaneous improvement to your cellular productivity.

Android’s oft-forgotten time-savers

On an identical but individual note, these long-position Android shortcuts could make you a lot better – if you be sure you use ’em.

The best Android widgets for busy professionals

Turn your Android house screen right into a powerful efficiency hub with one of these exceptional, business-friendly widgets.

How to help make the the majority of Android’s new Assistant add-on

This season google started sending out a magnificent new system for getting together with Assistant on Android. Here’s how exactly to uncover its potential.

Hidden features and useful additions

12 ways Google Lens could make you more productive on Android

Google Lens can change you right into a mobile-tech magician. This guide will help you find it and figure out how to put it to good use -.

5 hidden Pixel features worth finding

Got a Search engines Pixel phone – any Search engines Pixel phone? These out-of-the-way options shall save time and create your device smarter.

5 more hidden Pixel features worth finding

A second group of valuable equally, next-level choices for your preferred Pixel phone.

6 handy hidden features in Google Docs on Android

Increase your mobile productivity with one of these power-packed, time-conserving features within the Docs Android application.

7 handy hidden features in the Gmail Android app

And for excellent pairing with the prior item, a hefty group of advanced choices for the Gmail Android app.

The secret to smarter package tracking on Android

Want insanely simple, precise, and automated package monitoring on Google android? This crafty hack will be for you.

The Android app that’s single-handedly saving my sanity

This last tip provides some much-needed nuance into your phone’s notification management and enable you to take back a wholesome slice you will ever have.

Bonus: My, what lengths we’ve come

Android versions: A full time income history from 1.0 to 11

Explore Android’s ongoing development with this particular freshly updated visual timeline of variations, beginning B.C. (Before Cupcake – a long time ago!) and going completely to the year’s Android 11 discharge.

Thanks as for reading – and happy holidays to you and yours always!

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